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IOM promotes official labour migration schemes as an indispensable alternative to irregular migration. With EU support IOM ensures capacity building of the Georgian government in the field of labour migration management and inter-state cooperation and assists nationals of Georgia in finding temporary employment abroad. The latter focuses on helping prospective migrant workers with the right profile of experience and skills to contact employers abroad, get detailed information on employment conditions and prepare them for departure. Prior to the departure they participate in pre-departure orientation trainings.

Check out this page and other pages in Georgia that display advertisements for work abroad.

Current Vacancies:

Vacancies available for citizens of Georgia - currently there are no vacancies

Pre-Departure Orientation Trainigns for Labour Migrants

Labour migrants participate in special pre-departure orientation trainings, through which they receive information about temporary regular employment opportunities in the destination country, labour and social rights of migrants, as well as information about the country's history and traditions, administrative issues related to departure, arrival, living conditions, cultural and ethical norms. All this will help them be successful in their employment and ensure their adaptation to the new environment.   

Emergency situations have big impact on labour migrants. During COVID-19, Georgian labour migrants, working mainly in the EU Member States, found themselves in especially challenging situations. 

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