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Over the past decades, Georgia has made steady progress and has become recognized by the international community as a safe country of origin.

In terms of requests for asylum lodged by citizens of Georgia in EU countries, this means that, as a rule, citizens of Georgia can not claim fear of life and persecution as a basis for receiving protection in foreign countries. Commonly, asylum requests lodged by citizens of Georgia will be processed in an accelerated fashion and most likely will be branded as manifestly unfounded.

If an individual has submitted an unfounded asylum claim, the most likely outcome will be that he/she will be returned to Georgia. If that person does not opt for a voluntary return arrangement, then European countries will force that person to return to Georgia (usually referred to as deportation). In the case of deportation, people usually get imposed a re-entry ban and will not be able to travel to the EU for a number of years, despite the visa-free travel opportunities available for other citizens of Georgia.

Therefore, unfounded asylum claims will not lead you anywhere.

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