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The European Union Continues Contributing to Improved Security of Georgia’s Borders

The EU has today marked the donation of sophisticated communication and detection equipment to the Georgian Border Police for installation and use at the green border of Georgia. This equipment will greatly support the Border Police in controlling illicit movements of people, goods and livestock taking place across the border of Georgia with its neighbouring countries and take appropriate measures when such incidents take place.

The donation package also includes up-to-date internet connection tools, which will allow the Border Police to link up its land border sector stations, located in remote and mountainous areas, with a direct communication facility operated in the Border Police Headquarters in Tbilisi. These IT tools will offer considerable advantages in terms of saving time and ensuring greater reliability with communications while cutting down on administrative expenses.

In previous years, the EU and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have been supporting the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its Border Police in growing the surveillance and detection capacities at the green border that Georgia shares with Turkey, donating sizeable quantities of equipment to the Georgian government.


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