Informed Migration, Boundless Opportunities

Investigative Interviewing Skills Training for Border Control Officers

IOM was approached by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia with a request to organize investigative interviewing skills training to ensure more effective screening of passengers both at the front line and the secondary examination areas of the two major airports in Georgia. On 28 - 29 November, under the EU-funded ‘Sustaining Border Management and Migration Governance in Georgia’ project, IOM invited an official from the Polish Border Guard to deliver a training course to 24 border control officers of the MIA, deployed in Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports. 

The two-day course consisted mainly of practical exercises and group work, as well as some theory on different models and methodologies of interviewing including how and when to employ different modes of interviewing and the associated international good practice. 

The training participants found the practical exercises to be particularly relevant, as they focused on elements that border guards need to apply in their everyday activities and gave them an opportunity to participate in scenario driven examples.

Overall, the course was assessed as being very useful by the participants. With EU support, IOM has been fortunate in being able to engage the Polish Government in similar high quality capacity building initiatives previously in this project through the delivery of training in narcotics recognition and vehicle searching, which were both also very well received by the Georgian Government.