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Georgian Government Develops its API/PNR Project with EU support

In follow-up to the EU’s ongoing support for the Georgian government to develop policies and institutional arrangements in the field of Advanced Passenger Information / Passenger Name Record (API/PNR), IOM organized a series of workshops and bilateral consultations in the week of 17-20 September 2018.

Facilitated by Mr. Andrew Priestley, independent expert from the UK, the three main state bodies, State Security Agency of Georgia and its Operational Technical Agency, the Revenue Service and relevant departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, went through the challenges currently faced by the Government of Georgia and what solutions could be found to progress towards the actual implementation of automated API data.

A meeting was held with representatives from airline companies that operate flights to Georgia, whereas the series of events was concluded by an inter-agency coordination meeting hosted by the State Security Service.

The next step of IOM's assistance programme for the Georgians consists of a study visit to the Netherlands from 24 to 26 September.