Informed Migration, Boundless Opportunities

EU Supports Effective Data Analysis for Efficient Risk Management

Data Analysis and Risk Management experts from the German Customs Security Risk Analysis Unit visited Tbilisi from 9-12 April and again from 13-17 May 2019 and delivered intensive training for the officials – analysts and customs officers - of the Revenue Service of Georgia.

During the training courses, which was organized in the Revenue Service Training Centre in Orkhevi, the participants were introduced to the structure of the German customs and risk analysis units and their risk management system. The trainers introduced various risk analysis concepts and used practical examples to better demonstrate their work. The Georgian officials were particularly interested in the methods used by their German colleagues for analyzing databases and creating risk profiles.

The trainers also visited an operational customs post at one of the border crossing points as well as a risk analysis unit, which helped them gain a more informed view of the work of Georgian Revenue Service staff and provide more targeted assistance on how to respond to existing challenges.

The training was organized by IOM under the EU-funded project "Sustaining Border Management and Migration Governance in Georgia (SBMMG)".