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EU Support for Improved Interagency Coordination to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings

In the last week of November, IOM in close coordination with the Ministry of Justice, gathered the key players in the law enforcement and financial investigations and monitoring services of Georgia to discuss ways to introduce coordination mechanisms in investigating and prosecuting trafficking in human beings (THB).


The British expert Paul Holmes had come down to Georgia to guide the 25 participants through effective practices of financial investigation, pointing out that evidence of financial proceeds of traffickers are of paramount importance to punishing those criminals, as so often evidence provided by victims of trafficking may be unreliable or can be heavily scrutinized by defence lawyers.


Both law enforcement and financial specialists highlighted that cooperation between themselves will be extremely useful in making their work effective. With EU funding IOM will remain available to sustain this pilot initiative over the months and years to come, as part of its systematic support programme to the Government of Georgia in fighting trafficking in human beings.