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EU Continues to Support Georgia’s Passenger Risk Assessment Efforts

The European Union and the International Organization for Migration continue to support Georgia’s efforts to introduce an Advance Passenger Information (API) system to assist with passenger risk assessment and facilitation. On 2-3 April 2019 three API service providers, pre-selected by the Government of Georgia, travelled to Tbilisi to demonstrate their proposed tailored solutions in detail. 

The meeting was facilitated by IOM’s Senior Integrated Border Management Expert and IBM Project Manager, Mr. Jason Clarke and a UK API expert, Mr. Andrew Priestley. The presentations by the service providers were evaluated by the State Security Agency, the leader of the API Project implementation process, and the other main stakeholders from the Government of Georgia – the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Revenue Service. 

API will provide law enforcement agencies with the opportunity to pre-screen passenger arrivals and departures at airports; this process will increase security and improve resourcing capabilities while at the same time ensuring the streamlined and efficient processing of the vast majority of travelers seeking to enter and leave the territory.

As a follow-up, IOM will organize a workshop for all involved agencies to finalize the necessary national API legislation to ensure that data can be collected from airlines in line with international standards.

This work is being supported from the EU-funded and IOM-led project “Sustaining Border Management and Migration Governance in Georgia”.

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